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Tyre Balancing Service

Tyre Balancing Service - Mobile tyre fitting

When the wheel rotates, asymmetries of mass may cause it to hop or wobble, which can cause ride disturbances, usually vertical and lateral vibrations It can also result in a wobbling of the steering wheel and the entire vehicle. The ride disturbance, due to tyre imbalance, usually increases with speed. Tyre balancing issues can result in increased tyre waring and cost you extra money and more often. It also means your handling is less responsive and especially at higher speeds, which is dangerous to you and your occupants. To eliminate this ask one of our tyre fitters to check your tyres balance when we come to fit your new tyres. Often we already know when a tyre is off and will offer you this service as part of your tyre purchase for an additional fee.

Please get in touch to ask us about this service and how we can help you get the most out of your driving experience, and increase your safety and the longevity of your tyres lifespan.

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